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About Us

Organizations across North America work with ProGrid Evaluation Solutions to establish and optimize their R&D, grants and contributions, and technology transfer/commercialization programs. With ProGrid consulting and software solutions, individuals and organizations can make the right decision with improved efficiency, transparency, and confidence.

Since 1996, ProGrid consultants have helped a wide variety of clients including corporations, government agencies, universities, hospitals, and non-profit foundations. Our clients must make complex decisions based on expert knowledge, working within limited time frames and budgets, and guided by organizational goals and values. They must make difficult choices, such as which technologies and products to invest in, which proposals to fund, and how to make sound evaluations based on intangible factors.

ProGrid consultants work with all the key stakeholders to clearly define the task at hand, articulate the relevant criteria, develop applications and ranking systems, and implement the processes to gather, compile, compare, and present the results. The results can be seen in better funding applications, reduced time demands on expert evaluators, and a transparent and comprehensive record of exactly how and why each decision is made.

ProGrid software has been developed to support these decision processes. With ProGrid software, organizations can work with the criteria and ratings systems they have developed with our professional consulting, or they can define their own criteria.

Overview of the ProGrid Methodology

Why is 'A' at the bottom of the ladder?